Luxury Contemporary Furniture by Emmanuel Babled
Limited Edition

High-End Modern Furniture Limited Edition

Available in London (UK) and Brussels (Belgium)

Other territories on request.

Quark Coffee Table – Wood

Emmanuel Babled designs and edits limited edition of luxurious contemporary furniture (coffee and dining tables, lamps, cabinets, collectible design pieces

Emmanuel Babled

Garance met with emmanuel babled in 2019 and was immediately struck by the high quality of his artworks. His craftmanship and experience of working in high-end design have naturally brought him into contact with Rogers & Goffigon. Inspired by the Italian design, Emmanuel’s approach is based on the idea that a good project is born through direct contact and physical presence in the territory of its production. Observing materials and techniques in their authentic surroundings, gaining a feeling for places, and social conditions have become an important part of his working methods. Territorial skills and the human elements are components that drive the finished product.

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  • Etnawood

  • Contemporary Marble Lighting : Supernova

  • Contemporary Coffee Table : Quark

  • Modern Glass and Marble Furniture and Lighting : Osmosi

  • An Exclusive State of the Art Design Piece : Origin

  • Cutting-Edge Marble Coffee Table : Libra

  • Jaganda, a Luxury Contemporary Seat

  • Fine Modern Coffee and Dining Tables in Lava Stone : Etna Collection

  • Contemporary Wood Cabinet Design : Arcana

  • A Sustainable Contemporary Wood Cabinet : Beverly

  • A High End Collectible Design Chair : Den Chair

  • A Contemporary Lighting : the Digit Light

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