Jaganda, a Luxury Contemporary Seat

Jaganda is a luxury lounge chair, ideal as a contemporary furniture piece for a the living room for example.

As an eternal traveller, Babled inspire himself with the sails of the wooden Brazilian’s rafts, introducing Brazilian seascape into high end interiors.

The wide and asymmetric design of the shell offers various seating positions. Its sculptural curves, resolutely sensual and organic, upholstery can be be bespoke. The original model is in leather, whereas a special edition, developed in exclusivity with Rogers & Goffigon high end fabrics and leathers is available as well.

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The original version of the Jangada conveys, in a highly unusual way, the effect of a sliding movement and asymmetrical fusion. The perfect chair for the modern villain.

Jangada a Contemporary seat designed by emmanuel Babled and Upholstered with Rogers and Goffigon
The exclusive version, developed with Rogers and Goffigon’s fabric. On this picture, with the linen and cotton Skye in Privet colour.
Emmanuel Babled Jaganda - a Contemporary Chair upholstered with Swowfield Rogers & Goffigon's fabric
The white version with Rogers & Goffigon linen and wool snowfield fabric.


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