A Natural Wood Coffee Table : Etnawood

The Etnawood is a contemporary coffee table in natural wood.

The project emerged from the Etnastone collection, an earlier design using lava stone from the eponymous volcano. This time, these modern coffee tables, Etna, have a different skin, wood. Like former projects by Emmanuel Babled, Etna became the pretext to explore diverse prime natural materials while challenging production processes.

Etnawood tables are shaped by the union of different pieces of wood, based on experimenting with puzzling compositions. The fully handcrafted process allows endless customisation possibilities, from the diversified palette of natural essences, to their model and size. Every Etnawood table is a unique piece, ideal for living rooms.

This project is another successful collaboration with the Danish cabinetmaker Anders Lunderskov, with the certainty that forests are treated with respect during timber extraction and come with certification of the product’s origin. This wooden piece is produced with natural treatments and finishes.



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