Rogers & Goffigon’s chenille fabric Tourmaline

Find out about the perfect Rogers & Goffigon’s Tourmaline cotton chenille fabric, curated by the high-end Belgian interior design studio Daskal Laperre for a residential project.

Rogers & Goffigon is famous for its fabulous textiles collection, woven in the best known mills. Its collection entails all types of furnishing fabrics, ranging from window sheers and curtains to heavy weight velvets and chenille fabrics.

Another aspect that makes this American high end furnishing fabrics editor famous, is the quality of the natural fibres used to make these beautiful woven textures.

When it comes to chenilles, it’s pretty rare to find a natural touch to these types of fabrics, that are very often associated with low-quality textiles.

Whereas chenilles, when they reach the same level of quality as Rogers and Goffigon’s, are very enjoyable to use as upholstery material. Depending on their textures and colours, they can give a sophisticated aspect to a seat or a sofa and equal the elegance of a velvet for instance.

Therefore, Daphne Daskal, the co-founder of Daskal Laperre Studio, enjoys working with Rogers & Goffigon’s chenilles, particularly with Tourmaline, a cotton chenille textile.

This furnishing fabric was created with a unique yarn that gives a luminescence to the soft colorways, as well as the deep jewel tones. This plush chenille has a quietly interwoven structure giving it an enhanced durability.

As a result, it doesn’t need to be backed. Tourmaline is available in a wide range of colours, in neutrals as well as deep blues and greens.⁠

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