R&G Wool Bouclé

In a lively array of seventeen, wonderfully fresh colorways

Wool bouclé fabric has experienced a resurgence since it first became popular in the late 1940’s with a chair designed by Eero Saarinen.

Bouclé, which means curled or ringed in French, is created from combining thick and thin yarns at different tensions. Rogers & Goffigon’s spin on this classic fabric, which is woven in Scotland, historically, land of beautiful wool felted fabrics, results in a nubby, looped and curled fabric that is quite thick, and makes it perfect for some sound absorption when upholstered on sofas or chairs. It is particularly suited to curvilinear shaped midcentury designs.

The hand is remarkably soft for a wool fabric and makes for very cozy seating in any style of interior.

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