Rogers & Goffigon’s Mohair Velvet Fabric : Chateau

A new mohair velvet upholstery fabric available in fifteen rich and soft colourways.

Rogers & Goffigon introduces Chateau, the ultimate quality of mohair velvet one can get.

This sumptuous and soft mohair velvet is ideal for sofa, chair and cushions upholstery or for wall panels. It has a lush pile woven onto a densely woven ground of cotton, making it a quietly elegant and durable fabric.

How velvet fabric is made?

Velvet is created by warps that are drawn up over rods or wires to make the loops. As the weaving progress, the rods are removed. The resulting loops are cut to form a dense pile. As well as being very time consuming, this technique requires a larger quantity of yarn in the warp than. flat textiles.

Because of the labor intensive nature of the production, in the mid 15th Century, when velvet was popularised in Italy, only the upper class could afford it and velvet became an expression of power, wealth, and taste. In additions to garments, velvet was often used for interior furnishings.

Cut velvet has a wonderful sheen and depth colour, and the appearance changes as it drapes and folds and the light reflects off the various angles.

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