How do you match scatter cushions to sofa in neutral colour ways ?

Recently, a client asked me what fabrics she should choose for her scatter cushions that would match to her neutral sofa upholstery fabric

It’s no secret that, when it comes to soft furnishing in interior design, the choice of fabric is paramount.

It gives to your interior the final touch that makes the difference.

When one is into natural hues like my customer, it’s interesting to associate different natural colour palettes for the sofa and the cushions,. For example, choosing neutral but darker shades for the scatter cushions.

Ideally, in that case, cushions fabric covers may be a bit more textured, so it gives the interior some relief.

Colour ways for cushion covers in natural shades vary wildly from off-white, beige, cream, brass, brown, grey, oatmeal, rusty, earthy shades. With or without pipping, tassels, or trims, depending on your own tastes.

Fancy some recommandations for neutral fabrics ? Leave me a note here or scroll down for some inspiration.

Rose Uniacke – London
Todhunter Earl – Bedfordshire
Rose Uniacke – Holland Park Apartment
Veere Grenney – Norfolk

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