Hands-On : the Role of Craftsmanship in the Contemporary Design Culture Through Emmanuel Babled’s Work

Documentary by Marco Sweering, Simon Bertheux (The Netherlands), 2017. Throughout history, craftsmanship has been an essential part of our lives. Manifested in local products, techniques and practical knowledge, it also helped us stay grounded and connected.

But now, in an era where mass-production has almost entirely replaced traditional skill sets, we start to realize what humanity is losing.

This documentary examines the important role that handcrafts can play in contemporary design culture. We accompany designer Emmanuel Babled across Europe, looking at the many facets of this challenge. How can new technology and tradition be combined in a meaningful way? Can we create a relationship that is mutually beneficial for artisans and designers? Is it possible to make such methods of production sustainable on a social and ethical level? And if so, what is the path forward?

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