Cube with Dot, a Fabulous Soft Merino Wool Upholstery Fabric

Cube with Dot, a soft merino wool and linen upholstery weight fabric, is the latest introduction into the Rogers & Goffigon textile collection.

This nifty basketweave, reversible fabric with a subtle checked pattern and texture is available in five earthy, triple-toned colorways: shades of dark and light greys, browns and blues.

Cube with Dot is a handsome checkerboard pattern with a yarn running through the middle like a small dot, and each colorway having a line of off-white running horizontally through the check.

It is also possible use Cube with Dot railroaded to avoid seaming, as on a sofa.

The exceptional dense weave and structure of Cube with Dot makes this fabric an ideal selection for active households or heavy-use furnishings such as sofas and dining room seating.

Merino wool and lambswool are the softest qualities of wool possible and a perfect selection for libraries, ski homes, or other ambient, cozy winter climate interiors.

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