Crommelin, a textured and earthy linen and cotton fabric

Crommelin, a textured and earthy linen and cotton fabric, is an exciting new introduction to the Rogers & Goffigon collection.

With a weave and a texture like tiny horizontally laid paving stones, this thick-yarned fabric, has an intricate structure woven into the reverse side, therefore there’s no need to back this very stable fabric.

Named after Louis Crommelin, the 18th Century weaver who fled France to Ireland and improved their linen industry, this sturdy fabric is ideal for upholstery.

The soft sheen to its pebble-like surface from semi-wet-spinning the flax catches the light in the softest way. 

Crommelin is currently available in three signature Rogers & Goffigon colourways: off-white, natural grey linen, and white. Stay tuned for a very pretty colour line, coming soon.

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Crommelin, upholstery linen
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