• Rui Ribeiro

    Garance is always very prompt in her replies to orders and samples requests, supper efficient and I would like to add always very charming and personable!

  • Heiberg Cummings I Design Norway Company

    Design Company Norway has been using fabrics from R & G since 2003 for their projects both in Oslo and New York. We find that the quality and colorings are unique. Garance gives very good solution-oriented services, responding efficiently and quickly,  We love working with her !

  • Pierre Yovanovitch

    I like to use Rogers & Goffigon in my projects as their work perfectly encapsulates this sense of “luxury without ostentation” that is also reflected in my designs. Their natural materials – particularly their linens – are some of their most incredible pieces, textured weavings full of character offered in both soft and bold colorways.

  • Contemporary Wood Cabinet Design : Arcana

    A Modern Natural Wood Cabinet

    The Arcana collection is a tribute to the know-how of high-quality cabinetwork. Inspired by the Wunderkammer concept, the outer surface of the monolithic walnut cabinet has a powerful angular relief pattern. The inside conceals a secret interior in curly maple.

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    The Arcana series investigates the classic furniture model of the cabinet, using ordinary dimensions and conformations, yet introducing an unexpected sculptural dimension. Produced in collaboration with the master cabinetmaker Anders Lunderskov.

  • A Sustainable Contemporary Wood Cabinet : Beverly

    Each cabinet is customizable and numbered.

    Beverly was born out of the collaboration with the Portuguese foundation FRESS – which protects and promotes Portuguese decorative arts and handicrafts within the residency program curated by Passo Ao Futuro.

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    Wood Samples

    Handcrafted from different woods, including brown smoked oak, walnut, zebrano and palisander, this organic chest features a hand-carved unique surface design and suggests a mystery to be solved.

    The Beverly side board has no front or back, no openings or visible handles, no planed surfaces: an invitation to discover and experience its shape. The mystery will eventually be solved, to include a further hidden storage compartment behind two cabinet doors. The two polished copper plates on the side create the illusion of spaciousness, depth and infinity. Four fine legs made of copper give this cabinet a fresh and sleek look. Beverly is available in additional styles, sizes and finishes.

  • A High End Collectible Design Chair : Den Chair

    Den chair, the challenging perception of Marble

    Designed for outdoor and indoor use it combines the warmth of Portuguese rose marble with smooth satin Carrara marble.

    Den Chair – Limited Edition

    Den chair is shaped like a large shell, welcoming the user with an unexpected comfort in contrast with the surface of marble. It offers great spatiality, inspired for multiple seating position.

    This comfort combined with the surprising spinning capability in 360 degrees increases the sensation of lightness and mobility of the overall object.

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  • A Contemporary Lighting : the Digit Light

    Modern Lighting in Ceiling Pendants and Standing Lamps

    Inspired by 1960’s pop culture, the Digit breaks away from the traditional Murano style of chandelier. Each chandelier is composed of 23 spheres made of hand-blown glass.

    These spheres are put together with the level of accuracy possible with computer technology, although the intentional impression is one of randomness.

    Digit Light – Ceiling – Full White

    The spheres barely graze one another, which highlights the singularity, harmony and solidity of the whole. Luminous and reflecting spheres are mixed together. The white spheres diffuse a soft light that is infinitely reflected by the coloured elements, resulting in joyful and celestial illumination, as if the spheres were floating in the air.

    Digit exists in different sizes and in ceiling or standing versions, customizable in several colours. Each edition is limited and numbered.

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    Digit Light Large – DatasheetColours
    Digit Light Regular – DatasheetColours
    Digit Light Mini – DatasheetColours