A New Sheer Fabric introduced in Rogers & Goffigon’s Collection

Egg Cups is a semi sheer fabric with original design, available in two colorways.

This wool semi-sheer super textured fabric is woven using a very heavy weight bouclé lambswool yarn and a thin wool yarn.

The thin yarn used in the warp, is threaded in pairs and woven in such a way that the pairs criss-cross, locking the fill yarns in place.

In Egg Cups, the fill yarns are alternating bouclé and thin yarns. Known as a leno weave, this clever construction prevents the yarns from slipping. The whole process gives firmness and strength the cloth.

Egg Cups is ideal for curtains, lined or unlined.

Available in simple width, this soft sheer fabric’s design is unique in the industry of high quality textile. Because of that, it brings a very unique touch to your interior’s decoration. Adding on some warmth to your home, without being dense or bulky.

Available in London and the UK, as well as Europe.

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