A Contemporary Chair designed by Emmanuel Babled and upholstered with Rogers & Goffigon’s fabrics

Jaganda, a luxury contemporary seat. Available in exclusivity in London and Brussels.

Designed by the modern furniture French designer, Emmanuel Babled, Jaganda is a luxury lounge chair, ideal as a contemporary furniture piece for a the living room for example.

As an eternal traveller, Babled inspires himself with the sails of the wooden Brazilian’s rafts, introducing Brazilian seascape into high end interiors, as an inspiration for the seat.

As a result, the design of shell offers the possibility for various comfortable seating positions. the sculptural curvy lines, resolutely sensual and organic, are upholstered with high-end fabrics from Rogers & Goffigon collections.

On the pictures below, two versions of the seat with the linen and cotton Skye fabric, in Privet colour. The other with the wool and linen Snowfield in Snowbank colour.

The swivel base, is available in marble or ciment.

A contemporary collectible design piece, with bespoke upholstery, available on demand.

Jaganda upholstered with Rogers & Goffigon Skye in Privet colour – Swivel base in Ciment

Emmanuel Babled Jaganda - a Contemporary Chair upholstered with Swowfield Rogers & Goffigon's fabric
Jaganda upholstered with Rogers & Goffigon Snowfield fabric (discontinued but other options are available such as Tweedy collection ) Swivel base in Marble

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